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In the Kingdom of Fungi the journey of the mushroom begins with mushroom spores. 

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10 Reasons Why Sporeology is the OFFICIAL Source For Spores

  1. Our spore syringes are packed with 100% real mushroom spores, not carbon or other additives that will make your microscopy experiments impossible.
  2. There are so many spores in our items that you can see them clump up with your bare eyes.
  3. We do not use jet-dry or any detergents to thicken our aqueous solution, which makes spores nonviable sometimes.
  4. Sporeology has engineered our very own aqueous solution, which is non-nutritive, and helps to protect your spores from extreme heat and cold.
  5. We are the only company that has spent years of trial and error researching how to properly make spore syringes.
  6. Our customer support is second to none. If you need our assistance with your order, we respond promptly and professionally. Many of our competitors fail to respond if you need help. Don’t get left hanging!
  7. We are not affiliates of another company or re-sellers of other peoples products. We hand make your syringes with proper equipment.
  8. Our customers have left awesome reviews about us all over the internet for several years now.
  9. We offer a 20 day from delivery exchange guarantee. If you should have any issue with your item we replace them free of charge, no questions asked. Simply contact us!
  10. All of our items are made with the highest quality hardware available which in turn provides you with the best possible chances of being successful in your endeavors. We take great pride in our products and customer satisfaction.

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We know that there are competing businesses that sell similar products as ours, however over the years many of our competitions customers have switched to us, and stick with us usually due to watered down items that are hard to use and rarely work, poor customer service, no customer service, or all of those reasons combined. Hearing our customers say wonderful things about us is the best part of our job, and we strive to make everyone who needs to use our customer service feel exactly that way.

All of our items are professionally created and assembled. Our spore syringes come individually packaged in individual zipper bags that are clearly marked as the item you selected, and will have tip caps installed on them to prevent leaking and contamination. The needle that is required to dispense the liquid on to microscope slides will never arrive installed. Instead it comes inside of the package unopened, and sterile. Many companies fail to package their items properly as it does require an extra expense to put the items in their own bag with tip caps. We spare no expense to provide the best hardware for our items that we send to you.

Our Billing and shipping are 100% discreet. No mention of the contents or your order will appear on your billing statement, or your packaging. We ship in plain brown packaging, and thats it. If you want to buy mushroom spores, you should only buy them from the best!

Here is an image of how our product will arrive (tie dye background not included).

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